c’s Blog Disclaimer

c’s: Blog Disclaimer
  • The opinions expressed on this blog are the personal views of the author.
  • The opinions expressed on this blog are not intended to harm, malign, or defame any group, organization, or individual.
  • Please use the information provided at your own discretion before making any decision based on what is posted on this blog.   Every attempt is made to ensure that the information presented is as accurate as possible including posting links citing other information sources.
  • As such is the case, I make no representation as to the accuracy of the content on my blog.
  • Unless noted otherwise, certain material on this site is copyrighted material that was obtained without the authorization by the copyright owner. However they have been used to elaborate on the discussion of selected topics and accordingly are protected under the fair use law (US Copyright Law Section 107).
  • The content produced on this site can be reproduced on other websites so long as the proper credit is given (name of the original author and/or a link to the site).  Should I find proper credit was not given you will be dealt with.
  • Regarding the downloading of files (i.e. skydrive) and viewing of external websitesFrom time to time I may post links to external websites or add files using skydrive. With that in mind, I cannot guarantee the content of such websites.  Content on such websites does change over time so what one link was today could be totally different weeks from now.  As for files downloaded, all files are offered “as is” and I cannot be held liable should a downloaded file cause damages to your computer. Please click at your own risk when it come to files or website links posted.
  • Comments are always welcome from  other  bloggers but I reserve the right to delete any comments that are abusive, profane, or anonymous. If you can’t agree to disagree without being disagreeable  please don’t bother posting any comments on my site as they will be immediately deleted.
  • Finally, it is the purpose of this site to be intellectual as well as entertaining.  If you feel offended by the subject matter presented on this website, you are more than welcome to make your exit (press the “X” at the top of your browser or tab).

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be left in the comments section of this blog. Thank you and may the force be with you (wink, wink).

Last Updated: 1/3/2011

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12 thoughts on “c’s Blog Disclaimer

  1. Pep,Thanks, I appreciate that. Fay,Kind of, I just realized it when looking at several other blogs.  It still might not protect me but I just felt it would be  a preventive measure.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmm.
    I might need to look into that as I can get pretty riled up once in a great while. I don’t think I have so far, but this is good information to have should the need arise.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….I Like it, had a good laugh (sixth & last bullet). Nice touch, ain’t nothing like due delligence. Peace chocolat

  4. Well, you know I had to put a disclaimer on since I like to put on (or at least try to) though provoking topics and I didn’t want any liability for the actions I might provoking in my folk.

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